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Vacation Bible School 2004 Resources Review

    Each year people ask me what my favorite VBS resources for that year are - so, for VBS 2004, my favorites are as follows!

Favorite Setting - I think it is fun to take kids to a different place in VBS and Group came up with the most unique setting this year!

Favorite Music - this is hard as many of the publishers provided great music - as always I recommend that you get everyone's VBS music each year as it is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on great songs, kids will love.  For my top picks this year, I choose -

Favorite Craft Book - again, this is a resource I recommend that you make a point to get all the craft books, regardless of which VBS you select. Favorite Craft Kit - I would really like to see publishers provide quality craft kits that go along with their theme/point that do not cost so much money.  While I really liked the crafts in my top pick, they are costly. Favorite Puppet - again, regardless of which VBS you select, this is a wonderful time of year to get some excellent puppets for your children's ministry! Favorite Bible Lessons - all the companies select lessons that teach the Bible, well.  I looked for lessons that are presented in kid-targeted ways with an emphasis on understanding and application. Favorite Snacks - everyone did a great job this year with snacks that fit their setting and tied in to their point - well done! Favorite Games - again, I looked for games that taught the point in a way that engaged the kids and was absolutely fun! Favorite Director's Guide - it is essential that the director's information be complete so a new director will find the help they need and an experienced director will be reminded of all they do each year and when to do it! Overall, my favorites as listed above are based on my opinions - what I liked the best.  I base my overall choices on the comparison chart.  The VBS resources that feature the most components, are the ones that are selected as my overall favorites.

    This year, in all honesty, I have to say my personal favorite is Davey and Goliath Camp Creation from Augsburg Fortress.  If you have not already decided on the VBS resource you are going to use this summer, I encourage you to take a serious look at Camp Creation.  I have never reviewed a VBS resource with as much hands-on active learning as Camp Creation.  This VBS is brilliantly written to fully involve kids, has a tremendous focus on application and is just plain fun!  Tremendously well done, Augsburg Fortress!  I hope next year's VBS will follow in the same line as Camp Creation!

    Again, as last year, I highly recommend ordering your vbs resources from Kregel Bookstores.  Kregel offers excellence in service and value second to none.  To place your orders, contact Lynnette at - mr@kregel.com

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