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Curriculum Review: Summer Curriculum Options

    Summer provides an unique opportunity for ministry to children as since kids are not in school, we in the church can offer opportunities for children to have fun and learn about God and His love at church.  Many, if not most churches offer VBS in the summer - this is one of the most effective outreaches the church utilizes in the entire year.  Feel free to look up our 2003 VBS review to learn about the excellent VBS resources available this year.  Of course, there is the opportunity to minister to kids on Sunday mornings in Sunday School and Children's Church, although more and more churches are dropping Summer Sunday ministry opportunities, and while I would like to encourage you to offer ministry to children on Sundays, there are other opportunities as well for children that are unique to the summer.  For example, you could offer Terrific Tuesdays and Thursdays for upper elementary age children where kids participate in day long outings and also have time to learn about God.  Perhaps your church offers a day camp or a summer day care situation for children whose parents work.  Maybe you offer a special family night on Wednesdays or Saturdays in the summer - the options are endless.  Whatever you choose to offer as opportunities for ministry to children - and their families - there are many excellent curriculum choices available to help you with this ministry.  We will look at some of the best choices available, and remember, as always, these curriculum choices are available through Kregel Bookstores - just utilize the order form below or email Lynnette at Kregel Ministry Resources with any questions you may have - mr@kregel.com

3-2-1 Penguins
Bible Academy
Publisher - Big Idea
Point - How God Can Change our Hearts
  • How Kids Will Have a Change of Heart 
Bible Lesson
    • I will show Jesus to others by how I act 
-  Romans 12:1,2
    • I will put God first
-  Colossians 3:1-10
    • I will love others like God loves me
-  I Corinthians 13:1-8a
    • I will get ready to live God's way
-  Ephesians 6:10-18
    • I will care about others like Jesus did
-  Philippians 2:1-11
    • I will tell others about Jesus
-  Romans 1:16,17; 15:18-20
    • I will let Jesus rule in my heart so I can be a peacemaker
- Colossians 3:15-4:1
    • I will make choices that please God
- I Corinthians 3:10-13
    • I will think about what is important to God so I can do what is right
- Ephesians 4:17 -32; 5:1,2,8,9
    • I will be joyful because I know Jesus
- Philippians 1:18b-19; 2:12-16; 4:4-7

Setting - 3-2-1- Bible Academy

Strengths -

Components - Cost - $199.99 - complete (reproducible resource)

Publisher - WillowCreek/ZonderKidz
    Point - Children will learn how the Book of Proverbs shows how we can change the way we think about behavior and this change in our thinking results in God transforming us causing kids to experience a "metamorphosis" as they learn from the Bible and change attitudes and relationships.
  • Areas of transformation kids will experience 
 Bible Basis
    • Transforming Your Attitude
      • Attitude of Humiliity
 Proverbs 27:2
      • Attitude of Patience
 Proverbs 14:29
    • Transforming Your Talk
      • Caring Talk
 Proverbs 12:18
      • Controlled Talk
 Proverbs 10:19
      • Truthful Talk
 Proverbs 12:22
    • Transfroming the Way You Work
      • Being Diligent
 Proverbs 13:4 (NLT)
      • Being Teachable
 Proverbs 12:1 (NLT)
    • Transforming Your Relationships
      • Choose Friends Wisely
 Proverbs 13:20
      • Listen and Take Advice
 Proverbs 13:10
      • The Ultimate Metamorphosis (salvation lesson and 10-week review)
 2 Corinthians 5:17

Setting - Insect-Inside Theatre where they present a "bug parable" to show children examples of "worldly behavior"

Camp iwilligoway
Publisher - WillowCreek/ZonderKidz

Point - Children will learn how they can truly become "people after God's Own heart" as they learn to live God's way!

  • How children will learn to live God's way
Bible Basis
    • A Heart for God
      • Samuel Anointed David
1 Samuel 16:1-13; Acts 13:22
    • Trusting
      • David defeated Goliath
1 Samuel 17:1-58
    • Loving
      • David was loved by his friend, Jonathan
1 Samuel 18-20
    • Praying
      • David ran from Saul
1 Samuel 21-23
    • Obeying
      • David spared Saul's life
I Samuel 24
    • Patience
      • David became king
2 Samuel 1-5:5
    • Repenting
      • Nathan confronted David
2 Samuel 11 - 12:13; Psalm 51
    • Believing (salvation message)
      • God promises us eternal life
1 Kings 2:4; Luke 1:30-32
    • Faithfulness
      • David kept his promise to Jonathan
2 Samuel 9:1-13
    • Worshipping
      • David wrote psalms to worship God
Psalm 29:1-6; 108:1-5; 145:8-13

Setting - Various camp settings at Camp iwilligoway, such as the Flagpole, Round-up circle and Campfire.

Strengths -

Components - Cost - $179.99 each - complete, reproducible 10-week resource

God Prints -
It's a King Thing!
Publisher - Cook Communication Ministries
Point -  Help kids learn from kings and queens - good and bad - what it means to have a "God-print" in your life!
  • "God-print" kids will learn
- Bible Lesson
    • Integrity - our choices and behaviors show we are new in Christ 
King Saul disobeys God - 1 Sam. 8:5-7; 9:16,17; 13:8-14
    • Dignity  - I am incredibly special and valuable because God made me
God chooses David - 1 Samuel 16:1-13
    • Self-control - my attitude/actions honor God as I learn self-control 
David meets Abigail - 1 Samuel 25:14-35
    • Wisdom - I use the skills God gives in ways that honor Him
King Solomon chooses wisdom - 1Kings 3:5-14; 6:1-14; 10:1-13
    • Respect - I will treat all people with respect and kindness
Rehoboam spurns the advice of elderrs - 1 Kings 12:1-19
    • Unselfishness -I reflect Jesus when I act on behalf of others 
King Ahab's greed and Naboth - 1Kings 21:1-28
    • Prayerfulness -I can call on God and know He will hear/respond
King Hezehiah  - 2 Kings 18:1-19:35; 2 Chronicles 29:1-32:23
    • Resourcefulness - I can honor God by wisely using abilities He gives me
Esther - Esther 1-10
    • Perseverance - God will help me do what He wants me to do 
Nehemiah rebuilds the walls - Nehemiah 1-13
    • Loyalty - God helps me be committed to Him no matter what 
Wise Men find Jesus and outsmart King Herod - Matthew 2:1-12
    • Worship - I can give God my attention and praise
Jesus is King of Kings - Matthew 2:1; 21:1-11; Rev. 15:3; 19:16
    • Evangelism - I can tell others about King Jesus
Paul tells King Agrippa about King Jesus - Acts 25:13-26:32
    • Hope - I can trust God is in control no matter what 
a review of the sumer's Bible stories

Setting - a Castle and Kingdom setting

Strengths -

Components - Cost - $119.99 - complete, reproducible resource

Hand's On
Bible Curriculum
Publisher - Group Publishing

Point - varries with age level

Strenghts -

Components - Cost - Lab - $54.99, Teacher's Guide - $19.99

SummerTime -
Walk With Jesus
Publisher - Gospel Light


Point - Help Kids learn to walk With Jesus by walking where He walked

    • Bethlehem - amazing arrival
God's Promises always come true
    • Jordan - supernatural sighting
God's Word gives me strength to do right
    • Cana - wedding party rescued
Put your confidence in Jesus
    • Nazareth - Teacher upsets crowd
Thank Jesus for Who He Is and what He came to do
    • Capernaum - roof collapses
Jesus takes away punishment for our sin
    • Galilee - storm rocks boat
Call on Jesus for help
    • Bethsaida - blind no more
Jesus meets our needs in immeasurable ways
    • Caesarea Philippi - truth revealed
Believing in Jesus is the only way to Salvation
    • Jericho - tax man gets a big return
Obeying God's commands gives us joy
    • Bethany - dead man walks out of tomb
Jesus is our Friend and we can talk to Him about everything
    • Jerusalem - week changes world
Jesus' love leads to service
    • Jerusalem - seeing is believing
Jesus wants us to believe in Him
    • Mount of Olives - awesome ascension
Tell others about Jesus

Setting - Bible land/towns

Strengths -

Components - Cost - Starter kit - $42.99, Student Materials - $2.99 each, Teacher's Guide - $5.29 each, Wristbands - $5.99/10

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